YOung Lunya

The year 2022 has been a good one for hip hop musician Young Lunya. In June, he became the first hip hop performer from Tanzania to be signed by the Johannesburg, South Africa label Sony Music.

Sony Music East Africa head Christine ‘Seven’ Mosha said Sony was excited to welcome the talented artist. “Young Lunya is without a doubt one of the most gifted, versatile and an exciting contemporary hip-hop artists to emerge from East Africa. It is an exciting moment for us to be fully invested in the hip hop and rap music genre and provide a ground breaking platform for Young Lunya. This is truly the birth of an era for the Hip Hop music scene in East Africa," Mosha said.

“I come from a part of the region where even talking about major labels was a myth and a dream, but I have always kept this dream and hope alive. So, to see one of my biggest dreams come true has just been such a blessing and an honour,” Young Lunya said.

Young Lunya’s hit "Simu" went live on Youtube and Vevo in November 2022 and was greeted with instant success and critical praise.

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