Let’s make
drinking water
accessible for everyone

In many parts of the world, obtaining fresh drinking water, something many of us take for granted, is a daily struggle. Luckily there are organizations working to address the absence of something that should be a basic human right, but it needs to happen faster. 

charity: water funded its first well in Bobi, Uganda, in the Northern Region, about four hours north of Lunya. Ten years later, charity:water founder and CEO Scott Harrison returned to the site.“The sprawling camp of 31,000 had cleared out, leaving a small village of about 500. And while our old well was banged up and dented from a decade of use, clean water still flowed. flowed. It was incredible to see. Christoph and I calculated that the handle must've been pumped about 50 million times.”

“When I looked around at all the kids in the village who were ten and younger, I realized that they'd never had to drink dirty water in their lives. A simple piece of infrastructure had broken a cycle of disease and despair for generations to come,” Harrison says.

“When I go on trips like this and meet with the people we serve they often talk about their lives as having two distinct periods: ‘before the water‘ and ‘after the water.’ ”

The Colorado, USA-based 501(c)(3) Water For People (EIN: 84-1166148) has established a goal to make sure every family, school, and health clinic in the districts where it works has safe water and proper sanitation. It works with local partners to provide water service, drilling wells and building toilets.

You can donate to Water for People by clicking this link. Please encourage them to take notice of the situation in Lunya, Uganda to provide clean, fresh water to the residents there.